Behind the mask: The many faces of long covid and the PT's role in identifying them

6:30 PM – 8:00 PM

1 New England Tech Boulevard
Room 106
East Greenwich, RI

1.5 CEHs awarded
This interactive presentation will dive into what Long Covid actually is, how it presents, differential diagnosis and the role of the physical therapist in advocating for and treating these patients.  
Target Audience: Physical therapists, physical therapy educators, physical therapy assistants, student physical therapists who are practicing or teaching in both the inpatient and outpatient settings.
What should the learner expect?
The learner should expect to take away a working body of knowledge to help identify those who have long covid, what are the different forms of long covid, and the foundational principles in treating this population.
Why this is important to the profession.
With nearly 10-30% of all covid infections resulting in some form of long covid, the physical therapy profession and healthcare system is going to be encountered with this new comorbidity almost as frequently as diabetes or cardiac disease.  It is an emerging widespread health condition that is not understood well and requires the elevation and attention of the profession of physical therapy at large.  
1. The learner will be able to state the different forms of long covid
2. The learner will be able to identify post exertional malaise in a patient with or without a long covid diagnosis
3. The learner will be able to describe the stop. rest. pace strategy when treating long covid
Presenter's name + credentials
Meaghan Anderson, PT, DPT
Speaker Bio
Dr. Meg Anderson is a humble and determined Covid Recovery Specialist who believes that in a world where long covid doesn’t have a clear cut cure and is often dismissed, it is her calling to guide the PT profession forward and teach the public that PTs/DPTs hold a wealth of knowledge from prior experiences and emerging research that can provide the long covid population resiliency and independence.
Having practiced 10 years in the acute care and acute rehab setting, it has most recently become her mission to help those with covid after working directly with those affected by the first wave of the pandemic. In May of 2021, she launched her Rise Above Covid Recovery Program through her private practice to help those who do not independently recover from covid.
Dr. Meg may be all of five feet tall – a short woman from the smallest state in the union — but she has one of the biggest hearts RI has to offer. This is evident in her love for her husband, two kids, the ocean, her dog… and folks with long covid




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