Imaging Bill heads to Senate floor


A group of APTA RI members testified to the RI Sen Health and Human Services Committee  on Jan 29, 2020 about S2066 – Physical Therapists ordering x-rays.  To the left is a photo of those who testified.  Left to Right is Mark Bastan, Rick Mcauliffe of Mayforth Group, Greg Doucette, and Jen Hurrell. Also in attendance to support the bill were Rachel Giordano and Jason Harvey.

Everyone did an amazing job and the bill was passed through committee and will next be heard on the Senate floor!







Bill needs to go before the full Senate (date yet to be determined).  If it passes the full Senate the next steps include:

  • Hearing before the House Health Education and Welfare Committee 
  • Vote by House HEW
  • Full House consideration and vote 
  • Transfer to Governor for signature 


Here is a link to the Capitol TV feed to view the testimony:

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