2 proposed PT bills for the RI 2017 General Assembly


Our first Steps forward in the RI General Assembly 

We heard your concerns and we are working hard on taking action.

RI APTA Legislative Committee along with our lobbyists secured sponsors for 2 proposed bills introduced on March 1, to the RI 2017 General Assembly.

H5669 is intended to strengthen and bring our professional practice act and term protection up to date for PT’s and PTA’s.

H5630 is intended to advocate for fair copays and coinsurance in response to the opioid crisis and reduce the financial burden for those who seek access to care in RI. It’s a fact, early care saves money!


 Moving Forward with Advocacy

Now we need your help to make it Happen.
It’s Easy: Download APTA Action APP today!


  • Select State Advocacy ICON
  • Select our State of RI
  • Review our Talking points
  • Develop your own personal message
  • Reach out to your community representatives and senators
  • Advocate for your patients and your profession!


Go to these links for more help. http://www.apta.org/TakeAction/Toolkit/DevelopMessage/





Ask your patients to get involved too!

Q: How has your patient been impacted by excessive copays or opioids?

A: Ask them to tell you their story, record it or write it down. Advocate!

Q: How do I connect with my representatives and senators?

A: Invite them to your practice, to meet and speak 1st hand with your patients that have been impacted by high copays or pain meds.  Be heard!

With hard work and dedication to my recovery,    I am able to walk without support and I live a fulfilling life” - David

We want All patients to have the necessary access to physical therapy and Recovery.

                     Contact us for questions or assistance at

                            Email us at riapta@leahymg.com

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