Zelia Celona PTA Award

2019 Award Recepient

Al Hulley, PTA
(pictured with Zelia's husband)


Zelia Celona PTA Award

This award is in memory of Zelia Celona, PTA who graduated from CCRI in 2009. She was an active member of the RIAPTA and was working in women’s health at Women’s and Infant’s Hospital when she passed away in 2015. 

This practice award will recognize a PTA who exemplifies Zelia’s characteristics as a respected and loved PTA.
The awardee must:

  • Place an emphasis on compassion and advocacy of patient’s needs treating the whole person.
  • Noted for treating  patients and staff with dignity and respect
  • Committed to advancing clinical skills while demonstrating excellence in practice
  • Places an emphasis on education of self, patients, students, and staff
  • be a member of the APTA 
  • 3 years minimum of clinical practice 

Please complete the below application and submit  a letter that  describes the candidate's engagement in the profession and professional advancement along with examples of compassion for peers and patients. 

Please, also, list 2 references on the form.

Please submit the letter to riapta@libertysquaregroup.com 

This award will be presented at the Annual Meeting on November 19.

Deadline for submission: October 19, 2020


Submission Form


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(857) 702 – 9915