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Tuesday 8/25 (6:30pm) – Dr. Matthew Schmidt – Strength Training for the Older Adult

Tuesday: 9/10 (6:30pm) – Dr. Christy Ciesla – Pelvic Health

Tuesday: 9/22 (6:30pm) – Dr. Robert Griffith – Multisystem Disease

Tuesday: 10/6 (6:30pm) – Dr. Trey Crisco  – Biomechanics of a Concussion

Tuesday: 10/13 (6:30pm) - Dr. Destiny Chearino - Management of Concussions

Thursday: 10/22 (6:30pm) – Dr. E. Scott Paxton – Surgical Considerations for Shoulder Instability

Thursday: 11/5 (6:30pm) – Dr. Jared Winston – Bloodflow Restriction Therapy


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