Medical, Rehabilitative and Dietary considerations for identifying and treating non-CNS causes of dizziness, vertigo and concussive like symptoms


JWU Academic Center
8 Abbott Park Pl
4th floor
Providence, RI 02903

This 7-hour lecture and hands-on lab will focus on providing attendees with an evidence-based approach to examining and treating a patient with symptoms of dizziness, vertigo, concussion, or post-concussion syndrome. The presentation will begin with medical screening techniques for emergent causes of these symptoms, which require prompt management/referral. This will then be followed by an evidence-based discussion on non-CNS causes of these symptoms. Attendees will be given hands-on instruction in techniques designed to identify and treat hypomobility in the cervical spine which evidence suggests is often responsible for these symptoms. A Sports Nutritionist from the College of Food Innovation & Technology will present dietary recommendations including supplements used for the treatment and prevention of such symptoms. The focus of this presentation will include meal plan considerations allowing the attendee to work with patients and clients to maximize their recovery by literally using “Food as Medicine.”



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